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    Located in Quimper, in the heart of Cornwall , Laiterie Le Gall is proud to showcase its soil, its roots and his men. It offers the best of tradition and know-how for exceptional products . For the manufacture of dairy products, milk collection is made closer to the dairy, low Cornwall to ensure a noble raw material of excellent quality. Butters are made in an old barrel churn (according to a traditional method ) Made from selected fresh cream, churned slowly matured and they are 100 % natural , without coloring or preservatives .

    Adresse: 4 rue Robert Guichaoua – 29000 QUIMPER – Tél:

    Site: http://www.laiterie-legall.fr/

  • GAEC la ferme des grands prés
    La brousse – 22230 PLESSALA
  • Le beurre Bordier
    rue Julien Neveu – 35531 NOYAL SUR VILAINE
  • GAEC des écotones
    La ville Boschet – 56380 GUER
  • EARL de Lesneven
    Lesneven – 22420 PLOUZELAMBRE
  • Ferme de Kerheu
    Kerheu – 29510 BRIEC DE L’ODET
  • EARL Ker Pradenn
    Lannouënnec – 29270 CARHAIX-PLOUGUER
  • Souben
    Kerguët – 29790 MAHALON
  • Laiterie de Kerguillet
    1, rue Victor Hugo – 56240 PLOUAY
  • Crêmerie de la Rance
    Le Renaudais – 22490 PLOUER SUR RANCE